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Meet Ian

Your Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

This is me!

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Despite my health challenges, 14 years of working in the health & food industries also taught me about our unhealthy food systems, the importance of nutrition, the science of stress, & mind-body health.  I strengthened my skills in empathic listening, storytelling, teamwork, and creative problem-solving.  I discovered my passion to help build others up to their true potential. 

Seven years ago it all led me to make a fundamental shift in my life.  I reassessed my lifestyle habits - nutrition, stress, sleep, relationships, and movement - and with support, I began to improve my mind, body, and spirit.  No more panic attacks.  I got off of blood pressure medication.  I reversed my high cholesterol.  I had more happy days.   I went back to study Nutrition Science at Tufts University and completed over 500 hours of health coach training & education at The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.   I applied what I learned and I began to help others. 


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I discovered my passion and purpose.  As a health coach, a consultant to non-profits, volunteer board member and Tai Chi teacher, I have found a happy balance.   Most importantly, my wife, Julia, and dog, Alfred, keep me grounded in a life of gratitude. 

I love learning about people and their stories. Here's mine...

Born as a middle child into a mixed-race family (Polish Mexican), I struggled to find my voice and identity.  My yearning for validation led to perfectionism and battles with self-confidence - an all too common combination that gave me the drive to work hard without taking care of myself.   It led to burnout, panic attacks, brain fog, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and unhappiness.  On the outside, I had a 'successful life,' but on the inside I was struggling.  Sound familiar?

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Hearing others share their origins, dreams, joys, and challenges help me understand their infinitely unique journey.   

We each have a story worth sharing and we each hold the power to write our next chapter.

Tell me your story.

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